Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might want to ask.

Once you login your BitpezaPro account, click on 'My Wallets' from the navigation to get your bitcoin wallet address.

Kindly note that BitpezaPro is a 'non-custodial' cryptocurrency platform, meaning we only provide wallet addresses for users to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat we do not keep your cryptocurrency, if you want to keep or store cryptocurrency you can download and use available crytocurrency wallet such as Blockchain (https://blockchain.com).

We provide you with a secure digital purse called for every fiat (local currency) that we support, you can fund your digital purse (default is NGN wallet) to buy cryptocurrency and also send money easily to love ones and business partners.

You can fund your fiat/local currency wallets using Bank transfer, ATM transfer, Internet or Mobile banking and USSD.

You can only buy Bitcoin with your fiat/local currency wallet funds. So for you to buy bitcoin, you have to fund your BPRO wallet (via Bank transfer, ATM transfer, Internet or Mobile banking and USSD) then proceed to the buy Bitcoin page and follow the simple process and instructions to buy Bitcoin.

Our system sends your bitcoin automatically after you complete a successful buy order. This whole process happens within 5 minutes. For buy orders above $10,000, it might take more time, our sales team will immediately inform you and guide you appropriately once you have such kind of order

Once you send bitcoin to your wallet address, our system automatically converts it to the NGN (Naira) equivalent and store it on your BitpezaPro NGN wallet. If you activate our auto-withdrawal feature known as the 'Payment Rule', you will also get a bank credit alert without having to login and withdraw, just from bitcoin to bank alert.

In rare cases due a confirmation delay or internet banking temporary downtime, it might take 48-72 hours, our team will get in touch with you.